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Success Stories
Our Most Recent Adoptees

A shelter’s “Live Release Rate” is the number of live outcomes divided by the number of total outcomes. Unfortunately, even though we strive to save all that come into our care, it isn't always possible due to extreme medical or behavioral issues. Fortunately, this is rare as we strive to give every animal in our care all the time that they need to recover from their past.

96% live release rate- intake 47 (animals) 42 dogs and 5 cats), adoptions 39 dogs and 4 cats, 3 deaths in care, 1 euthanized.  

97.3% live release rate- intake 43 animals (42 dogs and 1 cat), adoptions 37 (36 dogs and 1 cat), 1 euthanized. Figures are lower in 2017, as we focused on getting shelter dogs adopted directly out of the shelter. This left our foster homes available to take on tougher cases that other local and out of state rescue groups would not take. Examples: Un-socialized animals, heartworm treatment cases, parvo treatment.

98.4% live release rate-intake 70 animals (67 dogs and 3 cats), adoptions 65 (62 dogs and 3 cats), 1 euthanized.